RB Stretch & Power is the first Body & Mind program completely performed with the ball and to the music. The ideal mix of stretching, pilates and toning exercises.

The main goal is to improve the flexibility, the muscle tone, the balance, the stability and to make students feel more relaxed and well-being. RB Stretch & Power is a journey, and through it muscles will work, the flexibility of the spine will improve and the core will become stronger.

All this following a playlist of songs. Just let the magic ball and the instructor voice bring your into a new dimension.

The new age and pop music, will lead you through this journey called Real Ball – Stretch & Power, improving muscular tone and your silhouette thanks to elegant movements.


The ball: again protagonist as in Real Ball Fitness program, it is a nice playful tool and intrigues a lot the members of gyms and fitness centers.

News: RB Stretch & Power is definitely a great new idea to offer. The protagonist is not only the ball, but the music that is the main tool in all fitness group classes.

The uniqueness of RB Stretch & Power is to bring to the gym a Body & Mind program executable by all (with possible adaptations), in which the Sweet, Pop and New age music create a new atmosphere, engaging and unique.

The mix of disciplines: stretching, Pilates, toning and core exercises.

This workout poroposes blocks in which you workout in different ways, in order to stimulate as much as possible your body to give you more muscle definition, flexibility, balance and stability.

RB Stretch & Power allows you to have the best benefits by the fusion of several disciplines, without ever being boring and all topped off by the ball that fits perfectly with the Body & Mind world.

Prechoreographed formula: a prechoreographic workout to the music is a set of exercises/movements/steps that are repeated in specific parts of the song, this makes sure that the music is really the central pillar of the fitness class.

The exercises are never placed randomly, but they  always follow the “story” of the song, the goal is to give more dynamicity to the lesson in order  to avoid that people get bored, that’s one thing that often happens in Body & Mind classes in fitness centers and gyms.

The music involves, makes students more interested, more active and more focused.

Scientific tests demonstrated that you can increase your physical performance while doing activities to the music, the same exercise without music is more tiring and tedious to perform.

Get Certified Now!

The training to get the new certification lasts 1 day from 9.30 am to 6.30 pm with 1 hour of break lunch. At the end of the training there will be a test, a small exam and once passed the students will receive the certification.

During the day the students will learn the structure of a RB Stretch & Power class.
The certified instructors will have to follow all the rules learned during the training to teach a RB Stretch & Power class.