The first dance-fitness program performed bouncing on the ball!
It’s a cardio/fat burning and toning workout for all the body’s muscles.

What do you do?

You bounce! You bounce on the ball to the music, creating easy combinations and choreographies.

Bouncing on the ball, you get continuous muscular legs, gluteus and abdomen work; moreover using the elastic band you tone up chest, back, shoulders and arms.

The ball is playful, fun and liberating! So you can feel like a kid!
A Real-Ball Fitness class has an high calorie consumption, improves coordination, tones the body, but especially … is funny!


Real Ball Fitness is a pre-choreographed fitness programme and the lesson is prepared on the songs chosen.
It’s an innovative class which includes the use of the fit-ball creating a fun, aerobic and toning workout.

A Real-Ball Fitness class is a complete workout and includes:
-warm up;
-cardiovascular phase;
-muscle toning phase with the use of the elastiband.

In the part addicted to muscular work you will continue to bounce on the ball so you wont leave out the aerobic training.
In this way, the training will have a metabolic consumption remarkable by the high muscular synergy. At the end of the class, there will be the cool-down and stretching, to stretch the major muscle groups.

We are talking about a workout with a high calorie consumption; in 45 minutes, you burn up until 800 kilo-calories!
Although the training is intense, the effort is not perceived by the students, thanks to the fun created by the ball and, also, by the Real-Ball Fitness instructor charisma.


The ball is a nice tool, which is fun, creates joy and stimulates students to approach just out of curiosity.

The music: the game of bouncing will join the music. The Real-Ball Fitness class is performed on pop music, hip-hop, Latin and reggaetton.
The music used in a Real- Ball fitness class will involve and make you want to dance.

News: In the last few years, we accustomed to see different kind of fitness disciplines, from the more danced (aerobic, step etc.), to the more holistic as Pilates and yoga.
Bouncing on the ball is a new way to workout, that is faced to instructors and fitness centers, which already offer various disciplines and want to give something extra in order to be behind the times and motivate more and more members of their club.

Fun: the ball, the music and the instructor can create an easy and fun lesson, which aims definitely the workout, but mostly it’s an hour of fun and leisure, where the main goal is to make your students smile.


It ‘a “fat-burning” workout which helps to eliminate subcutaneous fat. During a lesson, the heart rate fluctuates between 55 and 85 percent of the maximum frequency. In this way, you will have not only a cardiovascular workout but also an interval training. Several studies have found that an interval training increases our basal metabolic rate, this means that our body at rest consumes more.

It’s also a muscle toning class that, with the elastiband, help to work the major muscle groups. Muscle contraction performed with a elastiband is defined auxotonic: the higher the ROM (range of movement) the stronger the muscle tension, so the students can always manage their effort.

Improves coordination:
The use of music and the combinations / choreographies develops in the students a better memory capacity and coordination.

Improves balance and stability:
The ball is an unstable tool; sitting on it for most of the time of the class, will activate the muscles that don’t work in other classic fitness classes. Neuro-musculary the continuous search of balance and stability, activates your abdominal muscles and paravertebrals, but also deepest muscles.

It makes us feel good:
Train and have fun is a good compromise, especially if you don’t have time to go to the gym.
Being able to follow a workout that is also a time engaging and fun, allows people to approach more easily to the fitness world.

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